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About Me

     I am currently seeing clients with my Temporary License for Marriage and Family Therapy #2160, under the professional supervision of Andy Dunn, LMFT, License #1000. This is a normal part of the path to full licensure.

      In 1999, I received my Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Hendrix College in my home state of Arkansas, with a minor in Gender Studies. After graduation, I worked for two years as a Case Manager in shelters for teenagers, before deciding to enter graduate school for Community Psychology at University of Kansas City - Missouri. There I learned to do research, work with community groups, labor unions and school programs, and teach Psychology to undergraduate students. I then transferred to Peabody College at Vanderbilt University for the Community Research & Action PhD program. I expanded my experience and knowledge consulting with community organizations, doing program evaluations, teaching undergraduates, and publishing papers. I completed my Master of Arts degree there with a thesis, passed my comprehensive exam, and began work on a Doctoral dissertation. Before I completed my final degree, however, my life took a significant turn in an unexpected direction when I began to have unexplained health problems. I embarked on a personal journey of holistic healing, pouring my attention into learning nutritional healing, meditation, and self-inquiry. A major part of this healing journey was a breakthrough of repressed memories of abuse from childhood. After facing these significant challenges with the help of various professionals and resources, I no longer had an interest in pursuing a career in academic research or social change, but instead I was absolutely fascinated by the healing arts, and being a practitioner. I became an Intuitive, Energy Healer, and Interfaith Minister in 2009, and have been doing that work since. In 2012 I became the owner of Back In Touch Wellness Center. In 2020 I was ready to hone and expand my Healing practice and went back to school for Marriage and Family Therapy at Lipscomb University in Nashville, to help adults, young people, couples and families heal from trauma and dysfunction. 

     When I’m not working with my clients, I am having fun with my four beautiful children and husband, being outdoors in nature, making art, music, or dancing with friends, reading, writing, or resting.

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